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The Iowa FOI Council is a coalition of journalists, librarians, lawyers, educators and other Iowans interested in open government. We welcome your questions, your comments and your support.

Transparency symposium video available online

The Iowa Public Information Board hosted its first symposium on government transparency on Oct. 3, 2013, at the Iowa Memorial Union, co-sponsored by the University of Iowa. The symposium consisted of two panels: one on the state of transparency at the U of I, and another on transparency in the digital age. Click here for video coverage of the symposium.

'The People Have the Power': FOI training for citizens material available

"The People Have the Power: Making a Difference in Your Community," an interactive 90-minute program, was held around the state in September 2013 to introduce Iowans to the tools for becoming an engaged citizen. Workshop topics included how to participate in local government meetings and obtain public records, as well as information about resources available through the new Iowa Public Information Board. Workshop materials are available at EmpoweringIowans.com.

15th edition of 'Open Meetings, Open Records Handbook' published

The Iowa FOI Council's popular handbook on Chapters 21 and 22 of the Iowa Code has been updated to incorporate changes made in the laws in the past two years. The booklets include the text of the new Iowa Public Information Board Act, which creates a state agency to provide information on and resolve issues related to the state "sunshine" laws. The handbook is available for $2 apiece. To order, contact kathleen.richardson@drake.edu or call 515-271-2295. The text is also available online at the link in the righthand column of this page.

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